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Register your domain today and profit from included 200 MB webspace, 200 MB mailspace and many more free features. As long as you get your domain from easyname. An unbeatable offer for all those who would like to present something on their personal website. For example a CV, your favorite sports, a fansite, an organisation or your own enterprise. So that your visitors can get in contact with you, you certainly need an e-mail address. For business cards, friends, relatives or fans - or just for fun. With easyname you are able to create as many e-mail adresses as you like. Only you decide how many so called "aliases" you create.

Do you already know the name of your desired domain? If so, you could be the owner of it in under 3 minutes. If you do not know of a name yet, we will provide some useful help regarding your domain purchase.

Domain check

Whether your desired Domain is free or not is easily to check. Just enter the desired name in the search box and click "search". The search results show all available desireddomain.tld combinations. (tld = "topleveldomain" stands here for .at,.de,.net,.com,.org,co.uk, and so on. ). If your desireddomainname.at is not available it will be marked red. However if desireddomainname.de is available, it will be displayed in black font over a green shaded box.

Just try it yourself! You will be surprised which combinations you might find.

Selection of a domain name

The selection of the right domain name is a strong factor for the success of your website. The domain name is an essential piece of your brand and should stay in mind. Branding is the key to success. Quite a few people have registered domains in a thoughtless moment without thinking of the diverse bizarre possibilities to misinterpret their domain name - particularly in coherence with the topleveldomain.

We help you with the selection of your domain name.

1. Brainstorming and idea generation

Before you go on and register a domain you should think about different ideas and perform a brainstorming about all the possibilities.

Create a topic overview

Define which content you wish to provide for your users on your site.

Shall it be a online-shop, forum, blog or a site with instructions? Is it a combination of all those or completely different? Decide which major topic you want to cover.

Example of topics:

  • Nutrition
  • Finances
  • Garden
  • Crafting
Collect terms and use synonyms

Write down all terms for each topic and content which you want to connect with your site resp. describes your site. Do not forget to use synonyms!

Example terms for the above mentioned topics:

  • Diets
  • Derivate
  • Roses
  • Model railway
Link these descriptions with adjectives

Through the linking with adjectives you get a better sense of the potential for your domain name. Do not forget of the synonyms here too.

Examples with adjectives:

  • Effective diets
  • Risky derivates
  • Pink roses
  • Rare model railways
Discard minor terms

The most difficult part comes next. Discard all terms that do not fit to 100% with your intentions till you have no more than two or three words (with adjectives) left. Try to find the right term which will be the core with which you can combine other remaining terms.

If you do not like the conclusion, try it again or start another idea finding process.

2. Short domain names

Use short domain names. The shorter the name, the less failures can sneak in, also it will be more concise. A short domain also simplifies the delegation if customers wants to recommend you.

A method to shorten long domain names is the use of acronyms. One of the best known acronyms is LOL, standing for Laughing Out Loud. Only the first letters or phrases are used.

3. Do not use minus signs

The use of minus signs is allowed with domains and for some advisable. If you want to use those signs or not is your choice, the common trend these days is to relinquish these signs.

Benefits of minus signs in your domain
  • The domain name is easier to read.
  • Maybe your desired name is not available anymore. With the use of a minus in your name you can still register your desired domain.
Disadvantages of minus signs in a domain
  • The domain name is harder to share with customers or friends. For example: best - minus - domain - minus - hosting - dot - com.
  • Users are not familiar with the use of minus signs. If they skip your minus sign, they might come to the site of a competitor.
  • It is just tediously to type.

4. Do not use special characters

Even if there is the possibility to register domain names with special characters or other language-specific signs, this option is not very often used. Those special characters can cause problems in regions where people do not have these characters at their disposal on their keyboards. Globally speaking, this is a relatively high amount of people. It is a lot better to use, for example, AE instead of an Ä - an OE instead of an Ö and so on. Keep the barriers as low as possible.

5. Choose your appropiate topleveldomain (TLD)

If you try to register your own Domain you will be tempted to try interesting combinations with TLD. YouTu.be (YouTube) or Gre.at (great) are some examples for this situation. While .be displays a Belgian website, .at shows an Austrian site.

While you can choose from any domain ending (TLD), you should also be aware, as an entrepreneur, that you can archieve a local advantage through the right TLD. Of course there are reasons to choose domains that do not indicate a specific country. Here is a selection of topleveldomains (TLDs) which display no local preference: .biz, .com, .info, , .mobi,.name, .org.

You can however set up Google or other Search Engines with the correct local assingment in the Google Webmastertool.

More informations about that can be found directly at:https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/1347922?hl=de

6. Register a domain with your own name or your alias

If you want to buy a domain for the presentation of you in person, you should choose a domain with the following pattern: FirstnameSurname.TLD (TLD can here be used for .at, .de, .net, .com, .co.uk and so on). Alternatives would be FSurname.tld, surname.tld, Surnamefirstname.tld, SurnameF.tld.

The reason for this is simple: Whoever meets you professionaly and finds you interesting, will also search for you. With your own website it is in your hands which facts will be delivered to the searcher. Additionaly you also make sure to get your own professional e-mail address such as info@FirstnameSurename.tld.

Who however knows you under a pseudonym will also search for that pseudonym. Make sure you will be found with that too.

Even if you dont plan on creating a website right away, it is surely rewarding if you already register and therefore reserve your desired domainname - before someone else gets it first.

7. Buy a domain with the name of your business

Your business is already offering services since years but is not present on the web? Then the decission for your domain name is an easy one. Use your company's name. It is very counterproductive if you choose a different name online as the one you use in your offline-business. Your customers know you and search for you.