• Real-Time DNS Management

    You can manage your DNS records yourself at any time. Your Control Panel ensures that your changes are taken over immediately.

  • Use Your Own Nameserver

    If you run your own Nameserver, you can of course also use it for all domains that you manage through us.

  • Numeric & Umlaut Domains

    You can also register domains containing umlauts as well as domains consisting of numbers only.

  • Set a Transfer Lock

    A transfer lock or domain lock prevents unauthorized persons from initiating a transfer for your domain.

  • Map of Europe

    Provider from Europe

    We are a European, founder-managed company. Both our employees , as well as the data you hosted are of course in Europe.

  • Experienced Domain Registrar

    Trust in our many years of experience as a direct registrar for many domain extensions. About us you can also register domains with very unusual domain endings.

  • Personal Support

    We are here for you personally, whether via telephone, email, live chat or our social media channels. More details can be found in our support area .

More than 300,000 Domains are managed daily through us.

Domain registration is the process that a registrant (e.g., you) performs at a registrar (e.g., easyname) to register a new domain (e.g., easyname.com) under a certain top-level domain (in this case .com). Domain registrations are always chargeable. By registering a domain, the registrant becomes the owner of the domain, provided that he registers himself as the owner of the domain. During domain registration we make sure that you comply with all the formal rules set by the respective authority.

What those formal rules are, depends on the respective top-level domain. For example, some TLDs require the domain owner to be resident in a particular country. Other TLDs require that you provide some personal identification, such as a passport copy. What the requirements are, can be read on the detail page of the respective TLD. You can get there through the overview of all available top-level domains.

The registration process itself will be usually started immediately, since we send it in real time to the responsible registry. In most cases the domain will be officially registered within a few minutes. For some TLDs such as .io (Indian Ocean) or .cx (Christmas Island) the registration may take up to seven days, because the responsible registries are not yet fully automatized.

Should we need further documents for the registration of the Domain, we will contact you via e-mail.

More details can be found on the detail page of the respective TLD. You can find it via the overview of all available top-level domains.

Whether you can use umlauts in domains or register a domain that consists only of digits, depends on the respective top-level domain (TLD). The easiest way to check if an umlaut or digits domain can be registered with your desired TLD is to use our domaincheck. On the detail page of the respective TLD you will find even more interesting information about your desired domain.