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Web siteni daha da güvenli hale getir ve ziyaretçilerinin verilerini koru: easyname, hosting paketindeki tüm web siteleri için tamamen ücretsiz Let's Encrypt SSL sertifikası sunar!

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    • 256 bit şifreleme
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    • 2048 bit şifre uzunluğu

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What is a ssl certificate and why do i need it?

With an SSL Certificate data exchanges between webbrowser and webserver will be encrypted and secured from access of third parties. After securing a site with SSL, your visitors will recognize that the data transmitted to your website is secure and save. This is especially recommended if sensible data like login information, credit card or other payment data is sent to your website.

What is Let's Encrypt?

Let's Encrypt was formed by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), which consists of several companies, for example the browser-developer Mozilla, and focuses on providing free SSL Certificates. The mission of ISRG is to provide a secure connection for every site and user. Let's Encrypt Certificates are included in all hosting products by easyname.

What is a Wildcard-SSL-Certificate?

With a Wildcard-SSL-Certificate you can include unlimited subdomains in a single domain and make them secure. That means with a single click all your subdomains *.mydomain.com are secured. Through that you can avoid alot of work and costs when you are using many subdomains, compared to a single domain certificate.

Whats the difference between Business- and Let's Encrypt Certificates?

In difference to the free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates you can also download regular paid SSL certificates and use them on other plattforms, for example your own mailserver. Additionally a paid SSL certificate has an included protection insurance by the specific provider.

How can SSL help me with my Google Rank?

A SSL Secured website with convential certificates or free Let's Encrypt certificates is always prefered by google and other search engines and the SSL Site gets a boost by the search engine. That means you get more visible for your potential customer. Important to note is that since early 2017, Google is marking sites without encryption as unsafe! In the world of Search Engine Optizimation (SEO) SSL has become a big factor.